Providing Lacrosse for the children of Essex, Gloucester, Manchester & Rockport, MA.

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Required Equipment



Shoulder Pads
Elbow pads
Colored mouth guard (not clear or white)
Athletic Supporter w/cup
Cleats (recommended for U9)

*Cascade R model lacrosse helmets are not in
compliance with NOCSAE standards and are
not allowed to be used in MBYLL play.  See
the MBYLL website for more information.

“Cage” style goggles
Girls Lacrosse Stick
Colored mouth guard (not clear or white)
Cleats (recommended for U9)

Places to purchase

ComLax 139 Endicott Street  Danvers, MA 01923 - (978) 739-2310
Lacrosse Unlimited 136 Andover St (Rt 114) Danvers, MA (978) 777-5299

Buying Guide

If this is your child’s introduction to lacrosse resist the urge to purchase the most expensive equipment. Lower price gear works just as well for our program, especially at the younger ages.  Most likely you will have to cut the shaft to fit your child comfortably at the younger ages, although manufacturers are now starting to produce shafts that can fit the younger ages.  Most stores have “starter” packs that include all the lacrosse gear you’ll need at a good price.

Sizing Guide

Gear that does not fit can make for a miserable experience.  The stores above should be able to help get your child into the correct size gear and shaft size.  Ask the store to fit the shaft to your child and see if they can perform the cutting for you.  Youth girls and “short pole” boys use players arm length to measure by placing pointer finger at edge of head neck and cutting handle where the end of stick reaching back of players shoulder.   Keep in mind these are guidelines.  If the shaft is a little bigger and your child can handle the stick comfortably, you do not need to cut the shaft.  It really is up to you.

About “long sticks” (boys)
U9 and U11 – no long “defensive” sticks
U13 – long sticks can measure up to 60” (shaft and head)
U15 – long sticks can measure up to 72” (shaft and head)
US Lacrosse provides extensive information regarding equipment, as well as a fitting guide at